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WV Likes to Party Raglan

Sold out.

Introducing our first Raglan shirt! We've been wanting to do one of these since the beginning.

An open field with the stars burning overhead, an old cabin surrounded by snow and mountains, a nice warm rock out in the middle of rolling white water... a nice, cozy neighborhood gathering spot. If you've ever spent some time in WV, you know that we pride ourselves on the fact that we work hard, and we party hard. There's no party like one cradled in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains surrounded by family and friends. WV parties are the stuff of legend.  

This design is based on the iconic 1863 West Virginia State Seal designed by Joseph H. Diss Debar, of Doddridge County, WV. Montani Semper Liberi (it's on there, trust us). 100% Made in the USA!

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Welcome to Made In West Virginia! We're an apparel company making specialty designs celebrating our homeland, West Virginia! We mean to represent WV in our own terms, a non-traditional, from-the-mountains-up celebration of our fierce pride and independent spirit, devoid of the tired stereotypes so often associated with our state.

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